Lune de sagesse

"At the rhythm of the breath, I start to turn around my centre. Once my stability is in place, my arms slowly unfolds. I know the dance, I reproduce my habitual movements. Time passes, and quickly I get bored. Suddenly I meet a new obstacle, and become conscious that I completely missed the essential.I  get agitated, run after time, in a quest for sensations without taking the time to taste the boredom. Taking the time to sense, the moment. I start my dance again, step by step, at the rhythm of the breath, simply this time,quietly,without looking at what to do, to fill the void, neither trying to impress anyone. Tasting the moment out of time, the heartbeat, the breath which bridges me to the being and erase all fears from my memory to incarnate the now."


Profoundly touched by my spiritual path and by an intense process through the dance, this collection Wisdom Moon is in a way an honouring to the feminine energy which actually attempt  to find again an equilibrium within a world, perhaps involuntary created.


This collection symbolises an inner process on searching and understanding a wisdom, feminine, in rhythm with natural and alive cycles, inside the body, but also present in it's surrounding universe. We are talking here of woman's cycles, from our periods to pregnancy, cycles of days and nights, cycles of the seasons, cycles of moon embracing the sun,… This   femininity symbolises by the moon, can manifest its radiant wisdom on an enduring stable ground. Which naturally brings Machii to find its place within the external world,reflecting our inner world.


Inspired by all woman and man of wisdom met during this new step of life, Machii will from now on find its rhythm within an intuitive wisdom and equilibrium with a consciousness of space and with the reality present in each moment. This feminine energy place itself in the listening and welcoming of all that presents itself, pleasant or unpleasant, and with a need to savour a new rhythm which gives room to boredom and with the time to manifest itself, this in view to reconnect itself with a deepest wisdom and a natural rhythm which resonate with a quiet, healthy and joyful heartbeat.



This "Wisdom Moon" collection, marks a step towards fabrics which are 100% natural and ecological!

Comfort and sensuality

The designs of this collection are conceived with a strong focus for comfort of movements so that each creation dances freely, as well as with the finishing touches for them to last   through time. The details are also worked through intuitively,expressing a fully accomplished creative process, some design can vary from one to another, from one pearl to another, etc…


The droop is always fluid and light, allowing a maximum of movements, the stretch of the fabric offers a maximum of comfort at the waist level to allow the body and the piece of clothing to breathe freely. I willingly chose a simple design to be able to adapt it for the stage or for everyday life. Tightening strips on different design allows to play with different folds and varying the cuts. Most of the designs wear very well with a belt at the hips and pelvic area, enhancing the value of femininity and sensuality.



First Natural Dyes Experimentation

The colours of this collection are sometimes colours  already there, sometimes reworked, and sometimes created in a complete artisanal way. It is actually still difficult to ally a complete natural collection with entirely vegetal and artisanal tinctures, the process to be able to tint fabrics in this way alone is very long and relatively costly . The colours can sometimes vary slightly within the same creation, this is the natural process concerning artisanal tincture, voluntary and consciously.




Caroline Meert

Hélène Gulizzi

Ninon Robin

Céline Depasse


Bijoux en makramé : Sélénis


Photographe: Sylvain De Vreese