The uses of organic cloths and of artisanal tinctures are  a research of the way in which we can interact with the nature which surrounds us. Machii chooses to start working first with natural cloth like hemp, which has the properties to regenerate the earth where it grows, as well as linen, or organic cotton.

Machii expresses itself equally and as much as possible through natural colours, sometimes created directly from harvested flowers  with which the cloths have then been tinted in an artisanal way. Each plant, each flower, manifest its own poetry, its medicine. Through their radiant vibrations, we can alchemise our emotions and harmonize our own vibration with everything around us, manifesting this way a magic and poetic dance of our intimate process.

With respecting nature we are respecting our bodies, through natural clothes which let our skin breathe and protects it. Making it a daily matter is a way to find our roots again and to open our conscience on the link that we entertain with the earth and with our (over)consumptions habits.

Why choosing to wear  Hemp?

Machii uses principally hemp fabric, sometimes mixed with organic cotton. Hemp doesn't need input summary and doesn't leave any residue, the complete plant can be used. Hemp has a robust fibre and is stronger than cotton, it is thermoregulator as well as insulating. It is cooler when the temperature is warm and warmer when it is cool.


Hemp has a great capacity to absorb moisture ( until 7 times its weight in water), and rejects it even faster, which gives it incredible antibacterial properties. You'll rarely feel damp in a hemp garment. At last, it protects well against sun rays : up to 90% UV for 100% thick hemp.




Machii also uses other organic materials like Linen, Nettle, or even sometimes Banana fibers. Fabrics are sometimes found in Europe, sometimes in Asia with the collaboration of a few other stylists also working with organic fibers.

Nomadic collections

The nomadic collections are small series collections, inspired by travels or personal experiences, The themes are not from hazardous choices but from a real wish to share, through a poesy of textures and colours an experience which will stamp this passage on earth.

Most of the creations are unique pieces and have a tendency to quickly fly off the rails, therefore don't hesitate to keep yourself regularly informed via the newsletter or via Facebook.

The unique aspect of Machii's creations is the mirror of a meditation in movement in the present moment where an intuitive creativity is expressed, it is therefore impossible to reproduce it serially. The creations are realised in a small studio in Brussels, in an artisanal way, and the eventual irregularities make each creation a unique item!

If you really like an already sold creation, it is always possible to discuss it or to vary the following design depending on the disposability of the material in stock, don't hesitate to contact me via the online form