The name Machii comes from Nepal though  it originally came from Chili. I spent many years researching, looking for new creatives methods, I even started using herbal dyeing techniques . I knew   i had to take a break and think very thoroughly.    I needed to follow an artistic way who gives an initiatic sense to our lives.

In 2013, I was in Katmandu,  feeling sad and confused about the destruction of our planet, when I heard this beautiful song of the marvellous PEIA. I felt carried away as much  by the sights and by her voice.


"Machi" by the beautiful singer Peia Luzzi, who deeply inspired the appellation "Machii" manifesting  through organic clothes and natural dyeing.

It then  became clear  that I could now only create clothes made in natural fabrics with natural dyes coming as much as possible from Eco friendly agriculture . Machi is the name given to Chilean medecine women, they connect with earth mother and moon medecine and wake the sacred feminine energies. Since being an adolescent, i feel drawn to the ways of wise women, Machii is a call to reconnect with this intuitive wisdom, which is  hard to put  into words .

A call to make us realise  that we are all interdependant and that we are completely dependant of our planet and its resources, to whom  we should be deeply grateful and respectful.


A call to think it through carefully about ourselves, our excessive consumption and make us reconnect with our intrinsic nature that keep escaping us ( we have so much difficulties to feel ) to recover an harmonious relationship thus natural with everything that surround us.

Unique and artisanal creations

Machii manifest itself through natural and organic creations, inviting us to discover a just and sensible ethic through clothes without chemical products and which respect the natural balance of the body, and with which the products used come from an ecological and respectful agriculture. Profoundly affected by a path through dance and travels, Machii's clothes adapt themselves to the natural shapes of the body allowing a maximum comfort and fluidity of movements.