General Sales Conditions


Legal Notice



Machii // Blum Jessica

rue de livourne 115

1050 Bruxelles


via la smart asbl / Productions associées

rue Emile Feron 70

1060 Bruxelles



* All made orders implies the consultation of prior acceptance of the whole actual general conditions.



  You dispose the faculty of saving or editing the actual general conditions, specifying that the saving of this document as well as the editing of it are your sole responsibility .





Payments are made by bank transfer, or via Paypal.

Once the order is validated, your payment is expected within 3 days. After this period the goods will be back on sale.

It is possible to reserve a creation within a determined period and with a deposit, or to pay in 3 times without additional costs. Your order will be sent to you once your payment has been received. In that case, contact me by email before to order.


Price and value of a creation


It is always difficult to value the price of a creation, knowing that an artisan in Belgium will never be able to remunerate all the hours of research, work, conception, communication, sale, etc… Apart from the time of realisation and the making of the garment ( times vary from a few hours to a few days!) lots of time is also dedicated to imagine the design, dedicated to conceive prototypes, to travel around buying the cloth and other materials , sending the packages , management of the accountability, etc. Fixing a price on taking account of the time spent would make the creation astronomically expensive.


Wishing to be as transparent as possible, here is a glimpse of the costs I need to include in the sale price of my creations :


- Costs of intermediates ( online shop, etsy, ALM, shops depot vente,Paypal,etc.) 10% to 20% on the total cost that you pay.

- Cost of administrative management via the activity cooperative " Smart asbl": 10% of the total cost that you pay.

- VAT : 21% of the total cost that you pay.

- ONSS, insurance and withholding, etc: more or less 50% on the left gross margin. 




 The deliveries are being sent from Belgium, 1 to 7 days after receiving your payment following up the flow of orders. You have the possibility to choose between the simplest way and recorded  delivery (with tracking number). Recorded deliveries do not certify insurance of your goods, if you want your goods to be insured, including extra costs, could you let me know before buying. It is your responsibility to choose between the different options when you are making your order  and  for a personalised orders  to inform me of it.

Working on unique and artisanal pieces, I cannot be responsible in case of lost goods or damages to your packet nor for sending you a second creation or a refund, thank you for your understanding.


Refunds and exchanges

 You have a time-lapse of 14 days for retraction, starting from the delivery date ( date to demonstrate yourself, via the postal tracking service, or it will start 2 days after sending).

Past this delay, no articles will be taken back, nor exchanged.

The article must be returned in perfect condition, without having been worn. The return fees are at your expense, except if the problem is my mistake or if the goods are defective and not coming from the delivery process. The refund will be done within 15 days after the reception of the good.



Additional informations


Status: Professional , via " Smart Productions Associées"




* Each piece comprise a detailed description of the sizes and measurements. It is your responsibility to check them. No goods will be taken back because of  wrong measurements taken by you. I can in certain cases readjust a creation by simple demand after the validation of your order.


*Natural fabrics and natural dyeings *

Creations are delivered with suggestions of washing and maintenances. Colours and textures can sometimes slightly vary within the same creation, this is a normal process concerning natural fibres and natural dyeings. Some creations can have a heather aspect, showing slight variants, this is a voluntary and conscious process expressing the alive nature of natural fibres and vegetal tints.


* Washing and maintenance suggestions*

Natural cloth washes very well in washing machine, but be careful to keep a low/cold temperature to protect the fibres, but also the colour which can slightly lighten over time. It is best to wash your garment with a soft and natural soap, and to let it dry naturally.



The cloths used are from natural fibres like cotton, linen, jersey hemp, and to adapt themselves to different sizes, often between two sizes for the same creation (36/38-38/40-40/42- etc..). The designs are worked through to adapt themselves to the natural shapes of the body while being comfortable. Natural cloth, particularly Jersey can widen with time, and find again their initial shapes after washing, so don't worry if the size seem small at first or if it gets larger with time. The design is worked especially to adapt itself to different sizes in time.



*Personalised orders*

With a personalised order, we discuss the design to create beforehand. Once the design is established, a purchase order stating the details of your order will be sent to you. At this point your order is confirmed.

Following the purchase order, a deposit is asked to confirm your commitment and to buy the cloth and eventual missing materials.

Some measurements necessary to realise your article might be asked from you, try to be as precise as possible! I try my best to make a unique design tailored to you, I will not be responsible if the measurement given by you are wrong, thank you for your understanding.


*Protection for given personal informations*

The asked personal informations are necessary for processing your order and will stay confidential. They will never be transmitted to third parties.

The informations given by you are kept by Jessica Blum, Rue de Livourne 115, 1050 Bruxelles, You declare to be informed by your right to oppose, on demand and free of charge, to the given treatment of personalised orders and to the existing right to rectify the datas.

In case of problems from either party, each party  commits to inform the other party as quickly as possible or to make sure that the other party is well informed.